#WorksForMe - A chat with our apprentices

#WorksForMe - A chat with our apprentices

Posted on 06/03/18  |  Posted in Case Studies

Here at Protocol we're very vocal about our support for Apprenticeships! Not only do we provide Assessors, Trainers and Tutors to education providers across the UK, we practice what we preach with our internal staff too - we've taken on several apprentices in the last few years, and will support any of our staff who wish to undertake one, no matter what stage they are at in their career.

Sheila O'Neill, Head of HR at Protocol, says, "Protocol has run an apprenticeship programme for many years now.  We are very well positioned to provide the level of training and development required to ensure that our apprentices get the knowledge and skills they need to become fully competent in their chosen job role.  Our experience has been very positive and we have always been impressed with the apprentice candidates who are highly motivated and eager to succeed.  Having gone through the programme our recruits typically move on to work with us on employment contracts meaning we retain those skills for our business longer term - so it is a win-win situation."

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we thought we'd ask our current and past apprentices how they felt about their apprenticeships!

Olivia is training to be a Recruitment Support Specialist and has recently started her apprenticeship with us, after deciding that studying full-time in college wasn't for her. She much prefers the hands-on approach an apprenticeship provides.

She told us, "I didn’t like it in college, so I thought doing an apprenticeship would be better for me. This way, you are getting the knowledge while in the working environment, whereas in college you're being told about the qualification but not actually doing it and experiencing it yourself. I’m finding it nice. Even though I’m not part of the team fully, everyone still treats me as part of the team which is nice and makes me feel welcome to the company."

Amy is also in training to be a Recruitment Support Specialist - an apprenticeship appealed to her as she knew she would feel more confident receiving structured training for her new role.

"I decided to do an apprenticeship, so I could learn while working and have something to show for my work. I enjoy being an Apprentice at Protocol - it's good to know I wouldn’t be just thrown into work and be expected to know everything! Instead, I get training until I have a full understanding of my job role."

Ramisha works for us as an On-site Recruitment Administrator within South & City College Birmingham. She completed her apprenticeship with us last year and is very positive about the whole process!

She says, "I decided to do an apprenticeship as I knew I could work and receive training, gain a qualification and earn a salary at the same time. Overall, I found being an apprentice really good. I was able to learn new skills straight away and this helped build my confidence in my job role. Going to college once a week was also beneficial for me to complete all my coursework, and I was able to interact with other apprentices."

Joe also recently passed his apprenticeship and is now a full-fledged Recruitment Support Specialist - before he came to us, he was a supervisor of a Costa Coffee shop, but wanted a change of career. He found the process challenging, but well worth it!

"There were many challenges that came with this apprenticeship. I had recently moved into my own place a few months before I started, so I had to seriously develop my financial budgeting mindset and forward-planning and it was also a challenge to fit the NVQ work around a full time working week. The whole thing was very character-building. I now have a qualification that will open doors for me in the future, and I have great base-point for developing my skills and knowledge further. I believe it’s made me a wiser, stronger person with more confidence and drive. Doing an apprenticeship is a terrific way to be able to develop skills whilst already having your foot into the door of the career you desire."

To find out how we can help you recruit Assessors, Trainers or Tutors, give us a call on 0115 911 1222 or email us at recruit@protocol.co.uk
To find out more about becoming an apprentice or how to find an apprenticeship, visit the gov.uk website

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