Reece Ricketts is a Software Support Administrator for Ozola, our software provision. He is currently undertaking a Level 3 Diploma in Professional Competence for IT and Telecoms Professionals over 2 years through working at Protocol and studying at college

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship over other options?
After leaving my last job and taking a break travelling, I decided that I wanted to get into something that I was really interested in doing and I thought an apprenticeship would help me get back into the swing of things

Was it an easy process?
Yes – the application process was quick and simple

How are you finding it?
Great – really enjoying it!

How do you think being an apprentice benefited you or your career?
Helped me get used to working in a workplace environment and handling the pressures of day to day work

What are the most important things your apprenticeship taught you?
Always try and learn something new!

Would you recommend being an experience to others?

Any advice you would give to new apprentices?
Work hard, listen to advice and try to take on board everything that you can

What’s next after your apprenticeship?
Hopefully progress with my career within Protocol!

Charlotte Wilson is a Candidate Resource for Protocol and has worked with us for over 2 years. She previously qualified from a 9 month Customer Service NVQ Level 2

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship over other options?
I wanted to do something other than education!

Was the process simple?
Yes – I did it through a training provider, and they did everything for me

Did you enjoy it?
Yes, and I ended up getting trade knowledge in Textiles through it

How do you think it benefited your career?
It helped me get a few jobs, and I had feedback that it was down to the fact I’d done the apprenticeship

What are the most important things it taught you?
Customer service is always key, it helps me in the role I do now.

Would you recommend being an apprentice to others?
Definitely, it was fun – I got to meet some new people and still keep in touch with my assessor

Any advice you would give to new apprentices?
Just have fun! If you are in a job you love then it will come easily

What was next after your apprenticeship?
I was taken on by the employer and was there for 2 years after

All this week we’ve been focussing on apprenticeships to show our support for National Apprenticeship Week 2016 – find out more about apprenticeships at the official website

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