Here at Protocol, we know all about the importance of good people, we pride ourselves in ‘placing people first’ and have been doing so for 25 years now!

Our business is full of great people, and you may only interact with one or two in your work with us, but there is a whole army of support in the background from IT to Marketing and Compliance to Recruitment Consultants. We thought it was important for you to find out a bit more about the people that make up #TeamProtocol. In this series, you will find out a bit about the person behind the screen, or at the end of the phone.

To continue the Protocol Spotlight series, we would like to introduce you to Annette Tomlin, Lead Compliance and Support Officer. Annette has been part of the Protocol Family for 14 years now, and is based at our Head Office in Nottingham. Here’s what we found out about Annette:

  1. What car do you drive?

Corsa – I love my little car, it’s perfect for me.

  1. What is your favourite food?

You cant beat egg on toast….Mmmmmm!

  1. What is your favourite drink?

An ice cold bottle of Budweiser. It’s got to be ice cold though, I don’t like warm beer.

  1. What is your favourite film, book or TV show?

The Blind Side, it’s based on a true story and will have you crying and laughing all the way through. It’s a “feel good” movie!

  1. What is your dream holiday destination?

Dallas, Texas. I would love to go to a Dallas Cowboys game and the tailgate party before hand. Now that would be a once in a lifetime experience.

  1. Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I will have a go at anything new. In 2011, I joined our local Army Cadet Force, as an adult Civilian Assistant. This happened by mistake. I only went to drop my son off but ended up staying for 5 years and I loved every minute of it.

  1. Do you have any hidden talents?

Not really, what you see is what you get with me. I can still do the splits though…

  1. Do you have any hobbies?

I dance. Have done since I was a little girl. I have been trained in ballet, tap, contemporary, modern, Jazz and American tap in my younger years. Nowadays, I stick to Zumba, with a little bit of street dance, disco and hip hop thrown in or what ever our dance teacher feels like in that lesson. It’s great fun!

  1. What sports teams do you follow?

Dallas Cowboys – NFL

  1. What’s your dream car?

I’m not really one for cars, as long as it gets me from A to B, I am happy.

  1. What’s your favourite song, band or artist?

I love all music right through from the 50’s to now. When you hear a good song, you’ve got to get that toe tapping.

  1. What was your dream job as a child?

I wanted to be a secretary, like my mum. That’s how she met my dad. The story she told on how they met was so romantic and as a little girl, I thought that if I became a secretary, I would find the same romance…

  1. What one skill or talent would you love to be able to master?

I would love to be able to speak Spanish fluently.

  1. What’s your favourite time of year?

Christmas – when all my family are together

  1. If you could time travel, what year would you go back, or forward to and why?

Wow, that’s a question….. Let me think…. Valentines day 1998, I would marry my hubby all over again. It was a wonderful day!

  1. Do you have any pets?

Yes, 2 Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Both rescue dogs. Polly 5 and Diesel 3.

  1. And finally, why do you love working at Protocol?

It’s a great company to work for – but the people make it for me. Not only the staff at Protocol but our clients and candidates, I have made some really good friends with people I have never even met!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of Protocol Spotlight…

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