A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a Payroll & Pension Officer to ensure the efficient operation of the College Payroll (Payrite) system & Teachers Pension Scheme and Local Government Pension Scheme administration.

The post holder will be responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining data quality compliance.

The post holder will play a key role in developing high and consistent data quality standards and enabling compliance to coincide with audit requirements/statutory payroll and pension returns.

The post holder will be responsible for preparing timely and accurate data returns and statistical reports for the College and external bodies in accordance with College statutory compliance.

Key responsibilities

Customer – Learning & Skills Development

  • Maintain precise and timely employee payroll and pension records to ensure compliance with the College’s Pay and Pension Service Level Agreements and external requirements
  • Accurately input all payroll data into the College payroll on new starters, leavers and changes to ensure all staff are paid accurately and in accordance with payroll timelines
  • Ensure staff expenses and timesheets are input accurately and that submissions equitably follow College guidelines and claims are not overpaid
  • Provide members of staff as requested with relevant payroll and pension information in an informative, impartial manner without giving direct advice for them to be able to make informed decisions regarding pay and pensions

Customer Quality

  • Respond in a timely and confidential manner to queries from all College Management and employees to ensure a high level of customer service in accordance with the College’s Pay and Pension Service Level Agreements
  • Takes responsibility for ensuring all statutory pay and pension returns are submitted accurately to meet legislative requirements (LGPS, LS50 Annual Return and monthly contribution returns, Teachers Pension End of Year Certificate, Monthly Data Collection Return.)
  • Assist in the maintenance of correct staff pension records and the introduction and continuation of pension auto-enrolment processes to ensure the transition period runs smoothly and staff are fully informed of how changes affect them
  • Process all starters, leavers and staff changes including retirements for the LGPS and TPS Scheme
  • Ensures all payroll and pension documentation accurately reflects payroll system changes and is filed in a timely manner to enable a full audit trail
  • Apply consistently a full understanding of data protection regulations to ensure that confidential staff payroll and pension data is only released to those with relevant authority to view to protect the individual and the College.

Customer – Business Development

  • Develops links and builds relationships with payroll software providers (FMP Global
    Payrite), Local Government and Teachers’ Pension providers and HMRC to support an efficient payroll service.


  • Contribute to a high quality professional HR Department through effective
    Communication, building relationships with all managers, staff and external bodies, ensuring confidentiality of pay and pension data and staff records.
  • Carries out effective continuous professional development in accordance with College CPD standards to ensure knowledge of payroll and pension legislative changes.
  • Keep up to date with changing payroll and pension legislation to be able to answer staff individual pay queries to a satisfactory conclusion to ensure consistency of information and efficiency of service


  • Responsible for the maintenance of the payroll system to ensure updates are carried out
    In an effective and timely manner in liaison with the Director of HR, the HR Manager, the IT Department and FMP Global Payrite.

Finance responsibilities

  • Undertake the production of the monthly payroll including all calculations relating to pensions, PAYE and National insurance to ensure the College’s payroll is accurate and in accordance with all legislative requirements
  • Perform manual calculations to calculate gross to net pay outside of the system to be able to advise staff on pay issues and ensure the accuracy of the payroll system
  • Keep up-to-date with statutory legislation that affects payroll and communicates this to all relevant people to ensure compliance
  • Keep up-to-date with statutory payroll payments to advise staff as appropriate to ensure continued compliance with statutory legislation
  • Carry out the payroll reconciliation process in accordance with the College’s Pay Service Level Agreement to enable accountability and to meet legislative requirements
  • Challenge discrepancies and inaccuracies in the payroll system to ensure integrity of the payroll and protect the College from dispute.
  • Ensure that the control accounts are reconciled on a monthly basis to meet financial regulations
  • Responsible for producing accurate data records required by auditors and external bodies to ensure compliance with financial regulations
  • Ensure monthly payments to external parties are made in a timely and consistent manner in accordance with the Service Level Agreement to avoid fines and meet legislative requirements
    Archiving of records in line with College Data Retention Policy.

Corporate and Departmental responsibilities

  • Support, at all time, the aims and objectives of Macclesfield College.
  • Undertake any other responsibilities commensurate with the post.
  • To undertake all aspects of the post in accordance with the College’s Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety and Safeguarding policies.
  • To comply with the College’s Data Protection policy in relation to the collection, use, storage and disposal of personal and/or sensitive information
  • To document procedures to ensure the College has a secure payroll and pension audit trail.
  • To undertake any other duties as may reasonably be expected, commensurate with
    the post, both within and, where required, external to the College
  • Work closely with HR Team on all aspects of payroll and pension to provide the necessary support as and when required.
Macclesfield College


Organisation: Macclesfield College

Location: Macclesfield, Cheshire

Salary: Competitive

Posted date: 11/06/2021

Closing Date: 30/06/2021