What is your number one priority when hiring a new team member? For most people, it’s not the cost or the time it takes that’s important, but finding the right person for the role. Someone that can perform in the job, meeting and exceeding expectations and contributing to the business in a meaningful and substantial way.

If all your recruitment campaign extends to is one job advert or a post on your LinkedIn, are you going to find the right person?

If you are not maximising your reach, you are likely to hit a few roadblocks immediately or further down the line. Here’s how:

Diversity and New Perspective

Everyone searches for roles differently, and for your job to reach a broad range of people it has to be advertised far and wide. Diversity is essential to all businesses – bringing in new perspectives, ideas and creativity will bring success in any industry. Recent research suggested that increasing workplace diversity could boost the UK economy by £24 billion a year. If you’re searching among the same small pool every time, you risk missing out on this boom for your business.

The cost of readvertising

Have you ever recruited and felt by the end of the process your choice was limited? That the person you hired was the best of a bad bunch as opposed to the strongest candidate in a competitive field? If that is the case, you can often lose that person in a shorter time frame then you planned for.

This could be through the candidate not performing as you might have expected but it can also be your new hire not feeling they were quite the right fit for your culture.

It’s a frustrating and costly outcome, starting back from square one and re-advertising with all the associated costs. This is where it can be an advantage to use an agency, most of whom will offer a free replacement or a percentage of your fee paid back.

Don’t limit your potential and pipeline

It’s easy to pop a role on your website, get 4 or 5 applications and think, “great no need to advertise it further”. But what have you missed out on?

Hidden talent – not everyone will be watching your website or social media so you’re missing out on the people that might be able to approach your role with innovation, whose skill set goes beyond the job description and can create real positive change in your organisation.

Advertising widely will also help you build a future pipeline of talent. That could be where you take on two or three people when you initially thought you’d only ever be able to find one or allowing you to create a list of potential hires that you could return too, later down the line.

How Protocol can help expand your reach

We have an active database of tens of thousands of candidates actively searching for their next assignment or permanent position. We have access to dozens of sector specialist job boards and a tremendous reach in Educations, Skill, Training and Employability built up over 25 years.

If you want to guarantee you’re choosing between the very best people in the sector, without putting hundreds of hours of work, come to Protocol.

If you’d like to discuss maximising the reach of any of our current or upcoming roles, you can contact our team here. Or, if you have a role ready for us to work on, you can send it across to us here.

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