Digital Skills are becoming a near universal requirement for employment in the UK

With the rise of automation, digital skills have become more and more important in all lines of work. From computer aided design in engineering, data analytics in sports and performance, SEO in marketing and database management in recruitment, digital skills are vital and contribute hugely to career progression.

We need you to pass on your knowledge 

Whether you are a programmer, a data analyst, a software engineer or digital marketer we want to hear from you!

Teaching, whether that be lecturing, assessing or tutoring is one of the most rewarding careers and gives you the chance to give back to the next generation. It also allows you to take a more flexible approach to your career, take a step back and work according to a schedule that you set. Colleges and training providers are crying out for passionate teaching and delivery staff to support and inspire their learners – who are queuing up to take on digital courses, as technology continues to change professions across all industries.

Teaching qualifications not required

Due to the nationwide shortage, many providers are supporting their staff through necessary qualifications on the job – so even if you don’t have teaching or assessing experience, and think you lack the qualifications you’d need, you may still qualify for a role. Because we work with so many different providers across the UK, we know which ones would be willing to support you through the right qualifications, and where your unique skillset would be a good fit.

Management opportunities available too

We have some fantastic success stories from candidates who have moved from industry to education – and then worked their way up to management level, leading and shaping the future of college courses. Because we also recruit at middle management and senior executive level, we can be here to support you throughout your career – and we’d love to help you progress!

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