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The UK needs great engineers to support the growth of our fantastic construction industry – but those future engineers need someone to inspire, nurture and train them to be the best they can be. Could that be you?

Help combat the engineering skills shortage

The UK has a rich history of leading the way in engineering innovation – but there is a shortfall in skilled engineers across all specialisms, and the skills gap is only set to widen over the next decade. Colleges and training providers are crying out for passionate teaching and delivery staff to support and inspire their learners – who are queuing up to become engineers!

Whether you’re a mechanical, civil, structural or electrical engineer; whether your specialism is in CAD, fabrication and welding, aerospace or gas; whether you’re experienced in agriculture, architecture, manufacturing or computing – the education and training sector needs your skills and experience to ensure our construction industry continues to thrive over the next decade and beyond.

Engineering teachers, trainers, lecturers, assessors and end-point assessors (EPA) benefit from the personal reward that comes from nurturing young talent, and knowing they are really making a difference to the future of their industry. If this sounds like something that would inspire you – check out the fantastic opportunities we have available, register to hear about opportunities or get in touch with us today!

Teaching qualifications not required

Due to the nationwide shortage, many providers are supporting their staff through necessary qualifications on the job – so even if you don’t have teaching or assessing experience, and think you lack the qualifications you’d need, you may still qualify for a role. Because we work with so many different providers across the UK, we know which ones would be willing to support you through the right qualifications, and where your unique skillset would be a good fit.

Want to down tools? Top up your income!

If you have extensive experience in industry, and have trained junior staff before (an apprentice is ideal) then working in further education and training could be a perfect fit for you! Whether you want to reduce your hours spent on site, top up your income in preparation for retirement, or just want to give back: we work with education providers including colleges, training providers, and local authorities who are actively recruiting engineers just like you.

Management opportunities available too

We have some fantastic success stories from candidates who have moved from industry to education – and then worked their way up to management level, leading and shaping the future of college engineering courses. Because we also recruit at middle management and senior executive level, we can be here to support you throughout your career – and we’d love to help you progress!

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