Here at Protocol, we know all about the importance of good people and spreading Christmas joy!

Our business is full of great people, and you may only interact with one or two in your work with us, but there is a whole army of support in the background from IT to Marketing and Compliance to Recruitment Consultants. We thought it was important for you to find out a bit more about the people that make up #Team Protocol. In this series, you will find out what Christmas means to the person behind the screen, or at the end of the phone.

To start the Christmas Spotlight series, we would like to introduce you to Matt Ray, Payroll Analyst. Here’s what we found out about Matt:

Finish this thought, “It wouldn’t be Christmas without ______.”

Mulled wine, lots and lots of mulled wine! And lots and lots of turkey for four days straight!

What is your favourite Christmas song?

I’m not sure about the artist or the song title. But, the one where the woman in it later died by being hit by the speedboat (very sad)!

Describe your perfect Christmas Dinner

It has to be a full Christmas turkey with all the trimmings! It takes me back to my childhood around my Grans (Nans can cook). That’s a life goal to be as good as a cook like a Gran, think they send them to special Gran cooking schools.

What’s your favourite character from a Christmas-themed movie, book or TV special?

It’s a joint one between Jack Skellington and Wille Stokes – I love both of these movies.

What is the best present you have received?

Matching Christmas PJs the elf brings me every 1st Dec! That elf even followed me from my last house to my new home to my children’s amazement!

When was the last time you built a snowman?

I hate snow! It’s pretty at first, then turns all mucky. But the last time I built a snowman would have been when I was at school – probably when I should have been in class.

Would you prefer it to snow on Christmas or stay sunny?

Sunny, sunny and sunny!

What’s a favourite family Christmas memory that has stuck with you through the years?

Now I’m a father of two small children, I realise it’s all about them. Their eyes and happiness at Christmas is all I look forward to and all I can remember.

The true meaning of Christmas is ______.

Family, it’s all about family. Oh and, friends… and some food and drink.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of Protocol’s Christmas Spotlight…

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