We think our eSafeguarding system is rather smart… it’s safe, quick, easy to use and more importantly will save you hours of admin time you just don’t have. Ah, I hear you say, it’s your system so of course you’d say that, wouldn’t you?

As proof that it’s not just us blowing our own trumpet, we caught up with Esther Lynch, HR Administrator at Leicester College. She’s been using our eSafeguarding system since April 2016 to process applications for staff at Leicester College. We ask her what she thinks…

Has eSafeguarding really made a difference at Leicester College?

Esther: “Absolutely yes – we wish we’d signed up to the system earlier!”

How did you process applications before you had the system?

Esther: “Previously we managed applications via paper so the process was a lot slower. In some circumstances, we had to delay start dates for new employees due to the delay in receiving their DBS”

What do you like about the system?

Esther: “As well as the speed of the system, we like having a dashboard so we can log in and see what stages the applications are at. The email progress updates are really helpful too.”

Why is an electronic process quicker?

Esther: “We commonly had errors on paper application forms. Applicants ticked the wrong boxes, they missed boxes altogether, address history was incomplete and they wrote outside of the boxes. The electronic system means that we do not have to waste time on these errors any more as the system validates info as it is entered. Once completed an enhanced disclosure often comes back to us within 24 hours.”

How long did the system take to install?

Esther: “The system is web based so we didn’t have to download anything and we can access it from anywhere.”



We’ve been providing fast online disclosure processing to colleges across the UK since 2012 and with pricing plans starting from just £6.50 per form we’re confident our system offers great value.


To find out more visit esafeguarding.co.uk or call 0115 911 1177 and book your free online demo today.




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