As part of National Apprenticeship Week, as well as hearing from our apprentices, we also wanted to hear from some members of our senior leadership team on the benefits that apprentices have brought to Protocol.

In this blog we hear from Beth Curtis, Head of Business Development & Strategy, on the impact apprentices have made to Protocol and what she is gaining from her own studies!

  1. What course are you studying and at what level?

MBA, Level 7 at Sheffield Hallam University

  1. Why did you choose to do this course?

I wanted to broaden my formal learning across a wider range of strategic functions and apply it to help support business growth at Protocol.

  1. What is your course teaching you and what are you enjoying about it?

It is a great blend of formal learning in group sessions, off the job learning and distance learning. I get a lot from the direct delivery sessions, and in particular the interactions with my fellow apprentices. Their background in a range of sectors adds really interesting context to our discussions.

  1. What value do apprentices add to Protocol?

Having a workforce who is engaged in the concept of learning is very positive for the business. We need people who are constantly growing and asking questions, because our business and the world in which we operate is constantly changing.

  1. What would you say to other businesses taking on apprentices?

Definitely do it, look both at whether any current staff could be developed through an apprenticeship, but also look at all of your new roles and evaluate whether the role could be an apprenticeship – they can be at all levels of the business. I believe people applying for apprenticeship positions are demonstrating an ambition and personal motivation that will enhance every business.

  1. What would you say to other business leaders who might not have viewed an apprenticeship as a route to continue in their development?

Leaders can never sit still, they need to lead by example, and one way to do that is by actively demonstrating a learning mindset, and being open to new and improved ways of doing things.

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