As part of National Apprenticeship Week, we’re hearing from the many apprentices completing a range of courses and levels here at Protocol.

In this blog, we’re talking to Molly and Nancie who are both completing a Level 2 Customer Service apprenticeship at Protoocol

  1. Why have you chosen to study and apprenticeship?

Molly: To gain a qualification and earn a wage at the same time

Nancie: To gain experience whilst trying to achieve a qualification.

  1. Why did you choose the course that you did?

Molly: I chose to do this course because I have always worked in the customer service sector, I love speaking to new people every day and helping them

Nancie: I feel that customer service skills are useful in most careers.

  1. What aspects of your course do you enjoy most?

Molly: I enjoy working at Protocol and I also enjoy the training days at Prostart which is my training provider.

Nancie: I really enjoy learning something new every day.

  1. How have Protocol supported you during your course?

Molly: Everyone of my team has supported me and helped me out (especially Amy who was also an apprentice on the same course). Everyone at Protocol has made me feel welcome, part of a team and I know if I had any questions and needed any help, I could go to anyone.

Nancie: Whenever I have needed help with any of my work, there has always been someone to help me.

  1. Where will your course take you?

Molly: I hope to get a full-time role at Protocol and maybe complete the level 3 customer service apprenticeship in the future

Nancie: Hopefully it will strengthen my CV and experience when I finish my apprenticeship.

  1. What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying an apprenticeship?

Molly: I would tell them to go for it, it’s the best choice I’ve made.

Nancie: Take notes when you first start so you can refer back to them throughout your apprenticeship.

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