Are you looking for a New Challenge? Motivate and Inspire Offender Learners to Gain New Skills and Build Confidence.

If you were asked to visualise teaching offenders most people would envisage rowdy prisoners in orange jumpsuits like in the films, but if you were to speak to those who actually do it you would realise that it couldn’t be further from the truth! Many who have worked with offenders will tell you of the great job satisfaction and array of rewarding benefits that come with working with those who have slipped through the educational net.

People who teach offenders have the exciting yet challenging opportunity to make a real difference by teaching a skill which can lead to future employment. They inspire others who may never have had much of a chance and provide a positive experience of education, which they might not have been afforded in earlier life. Up-skilling offenders allows them to manage their own lives more effectively in the future and gives them the chance to build skills, gain more self-esteem and most importantly get the confidence they will need on release to re-engage back into the community.

Are you up for the challenge?

Protocol is currently working in partnership with Milton Keynes College and we are looking to recruit Lecturers and Assessors across a wide range of subjects to deliver outstanding learning opportunities for offenders in a number of different institutions. If this sounds like the type of challenge you’ve been looking for, please get in touch!


It is good to work with a different part of the community other than in a standard academic environment. I worked at Aylesbury Prison Young Offenders, which is a Category A prison. The students in a prison tend to be very communicative and lively! I enjoyed working with them teaching Functional Skills English. It is good to see them achieve before they are released to go back into the community to obtain jobs.

– Current Protocol Candidate and OLASS teacher


We are always looking for OLASS candidates in locations around the UK, to be considered for any immediate or future positions please register online or email your CV

What else do you need to know?

These rewarding opportunities are provided across a range of institutions including category A – D, High Security and Young Offender institutions in both public sector and private sector prisons. Curriculum in prisons has developed a sharper focus on offenders approaching the end of their sentence, helping them access real work opportunities in prison and to re-enter the employment market on release.

Prisons have their own dining room for staff, there is a sense of community and you are well looked after. Working in a prison is good for your career development, as it shows you are versatile, as the students need encouragement and motivation to put them on the right track. I would recommend to other lecturers to consider working with other communities, as it is very rewarding.

– Current Protocol Candidate.

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