Here at Protocol, we know all about the importance of good people, we pride ourselves in ‘placing people first’ and have been doing so for 25 years now!

Our business is full of great people, and you may only interact with one or two in your work with us, but there is a whole army of support in the background from IT to Marketing and Compliance to Recruitment Consultants. We thought it was important for you to find out a bit more about the people that make up #TeamProtocol. In this series, you will find out a bit about the person behind the screen, or at the end of the phone.

To continue the Protocol Spotlight series, we would like to introduce you to Beth Curtis, Director of Business Development and Strategy. Beth has been part of the Protocol Family for almost 4 years, is based at Head Office in Nottingham and is often out and about on the road meeting clients. Here’s what we found out about Beth:

  1. What car do you drive?

Hyundai IX35

  1. What is your favourite food?

All sorts – Thai, burgers, curry – I’ll eat most things.

  1. What is your favourite drink?

I get through litres of sparkling water!

  1. What is your favourite film, book or TV show?

Wow, that’s really hard! I adore the West Wing and have recently enjoyed This is Us on Amazon Prime. I read all the time, hard to pick a favourite though.

  1. What is your dream holiday destination?

Thailand/Vietnam/Laos was supposed to be our 2020 holiday, we are taking the kids backpacking to places we travelled to in our year off. My son really wants to see elephants up close.

  1. Do you have any hobbies?

My ‘hobby’ for the past 3 years has been my MBA – I am looking forward to getting back to more fun stuff – I love walking, travelling, the gym and reading.

  1. What one skill or talent would you love to be able to master?

I’d love to be musical – most people who know me know I am absolutely tone deaf, but I love singing which is kind of annoying. I belt it out in the car when no-one has to suffer.

  1. What’s your favourite time of year?

I love autumn, I’m too pale to really worship the sun and I love the clothes in autumn.

  1. And finally, why do you love working at Protocol?

The people, both at Protocol and in the sector.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of Protocol Spotlight…

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