As part of International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the achievement of women in leadership here at Protocol!

First, we hear from Stef Evans our Head of Recruitment.

  1. Can you tell me about your Protocol career, and how you got to where you are today?

I have been at Protocol “all of my life”, having started at 18 as a stop gap before going to University to study Sports Coaching & Development.

Having deferred my entry for 2 years, I realised I had embarked on the start of an exciting career in Recruitment. My background in Sports coaching and the love of any competition saw me thrive in this new world I found myself in. Over the next few years I started to develop myself as a coach, mentor and manager. I am naturally a people person and team player, this was something I knew I wanted and needed to be.

Fast forward 13 years, leading the FE divisions at Protocol for the past 4 years, I can honestly say I love my role….Its not just a job for me!

  1. What job roles have you held since being at Protocol?
  • Resourcer
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Senior Recruitment Consultant
  • Team Leader
  • Client Services Manager
  • Head of Recruitment
  1. What motivates you to be successful?

When I was younger it was about money and recognition, nowadays its more the fact I can make a difference in someone’s day or life. I still can remember the first time I promoted someone and it was the best feeling in the world!

  1. What is your favourite part about your job?

Mentoring and coaching others is a passion of mine and ensuring others are happy, satisfied, hungry, motivated and successful is a top priority that I love! Seeing staff excel within their roles and grow, seeing people progress and better themselves is a feeling like no other.

  1. What advice do you have for aspiring women in business?

Work hard, be proud, be confident, be loyal and invest in yourself and always treat people how you would like to be treated. Always go with your intuition even if you’re being told the opposite!

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