Our fantastic Skills and Training team have been supporting big and small clients for two years now but still, in conversation with training providers, on the phone and in-person, they are sometimes still met with the classic reservation – “we don’t use recruitment agencies”.

Like a bad habit, just because you used to do something, doesn’t mean you always have to. Here are a few reasons why Training Providers don’t use agencies – and why it might be worth reconsidering that stance.

I do use recruitment agencies – but only if I have too

Leaving things to the last minute – is it ever a good idea?

So often our Skills and Training team receive this call – “We have been trying to recruit internally for 3 months now but haven’t had any success. It’s now urgent”. Yes, the training provider world is always changing, however like any good business plan, preparation is key. Come to us early and let us assist in your planning. That way we can have a pipeline of talent ready for when and where you need it.

I would use an agency, but I haven’t “planned in” the spend

Again, another common thing the Skills and Training team hear is – “I would be grateful for the help, but my manager won’t sign off on agency spend”. If you need help recruiting why not plan it in? Speak to your consultant at the start of your budget year to work out what you need and what your recruitment budget can be. What will your manager sign-off? We can work backwards, in advance, to make sure you have everything you need in place to succeed.

We’ve had a bad experience with another agency and that has put us off

There might be some bad eggs out there in the world of recruitment, but we’ve been around for over 25 years and you don’t last that long if you’re stinging your clients. We like to think of ourselves as an asset, not a cost – in other words, an extension of your team. Our consultants will work on solutions that fit for your organisation and really what have you got to lose? We are good at what we do, and we’re not just saying that, we can back it up. And if we don’t find you the right person, you don’t pay.

Recruitment is too expensive!

What’s more expensive to your business? Paying a fee for your dream candidate, or your learners not starting their course?

No matter which way you recruit, using an agency or not, you’ll be paying in some form or fashion. Trying to place an advert on one job board? You could end up paying big sums in both time and money and still end up with no-one. Also, are the best candidates even on actively searching job boards? Probably not, you have to do more to find them.

Let us do the work for you. We advertise across hundreds of jobs board and we headhunt as standard, finding top quality, passive candidates that you wouldn’t otherwise come across.

Our Skills and Training team are here to assist. They will take the time to understand you and will provide you with exceptional candidates to help you deliver the highest quality of support for your learners.

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