Welcome to our new series – all about why people choose to work with a recruitment agency! Over the next few posts, we’re going to look at some of the fantastic benefits you can experience working with an agency, and how they can affect your recruitment (or your job hunt!) in a positive way. 

Gaining an objective view 

We’re starting off with a biggie – an objective view! Whether it’s for your vacancy or your job search, you can benefit from an agency’s objective view in a number of ways. 

For applicants 

When you’re job hunting, it can be very difficult to see where you’re situated in the job market. How do you compare to other applicants? What level roles should you be aiming at?  

These questions affect all of us at some point – whether you’re starting a new career path, have been in the same role for a while, or are just looking for a change but unsure where to start. It’s rare that you can ask your manager or colleagues for this kind of information – even if they’d be able to help you! 

If you work with an agency, a good recruiter will have a host of contextual knowledge around all these points – meaning they can advise you on a whole host of things!

They can give you pointers on: 

  • What unique elements you have over applicants like you 
  • Which of your skills or experience to focus on in interviews 
  • What your expected salary could be 
  • The types of roles you should apply for 
  • If something’s changed in your industry since last time you were looking (e.g. new skillsets required, new role types available) 

For employers 

If you’re hiring, you can also benefit hugely from an objective view. When you’re working inside an organisation – especially if you have done so for a number of years – it’s sometimes difficult to take an unbiased view on things like salary offers and role requirements. 

A good recruiting partner can provide advice on: 

  • Whether you are likely to find any candidates who fulfil all your requirements (and what to do if you aren’t!) 
  • How your salary offering compares to similar roles on the market 
  • Whether there are equivalent qualifications or experience you could specify in your advert to reach more relevant candidates 
  • How to ‘sell’ your organisation to potential applicants 
  • How you can make your vacancy stand out in a crowded market 

Here at Protocol we provide a host of free services to our candidates and clients, including advice on recruitment, personalised career support, and free CPD. We know some well-timed advice can make a huge difference to the recruitment process, and we want you to have the best experience possible. 

This article is part of our Why Choose an Agency? Series – click here to check out the other posts. 

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