Despite objections to having their photos on the website we thought it would be a great idea to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week by sharing our Apprentices’ stories.

Protocol has taken on Apprentices for 5 years now. Each appointment proved to be a fantastic success, both for the Apprentice and the business. Most often in a business administration capacity, our Apprentices have and continue to be a valuable addition to our teams.

Simon Graham, Director @ Protocol comments; “Protocol has been providing Apprentices with the opportunity to kick start their career’s for a while now. We have found that we gain candidates who are eager to learn and strive to do their best. As a business of course it is fantastic to be able to grow an individual’s professional experience, ultimately developing an ideal employee and what makes it even more worthwhile is that it allows us to support the sector that we work in”.

Lucy CharlsworthName: Lucy Charlesworth

Job Title: Recruitment Administrator

What qualifiication will/did you get at the end of your apprenticeship?
NVQ Level 3 in Business Administration.

How long is/was your apprenticeship?
It was 18 months, I finished it in September 2014.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?
After finishing college and completing my A levels I just couldn’t decide whether university was for me, I didn’t want to jump into a 3 year university course if my heart wasn’t in it. After exploring my options, an apprenticeship seemed like the best option as I could work and gain experience whilst completing a qualification at the same time.

Was it an easy process?
Yes, because Loughborough college and my colleagues here were really helpful and supported me well. The work load was a lot, but if you spread it out well over the 18 months you can complete it without any complications.

How do you think being an apprentice benefited you/your career?
I think the most important thing for me is that once I am 21 instead of having a degree, I will already have 3 years experience to kick start my career. It’s also given me the opportunity to realise what I really enjoy doing and what I would like to continue doing.

Would you recommend becoming an apprentice to others?

Any advice you would give to new apprentices?
I’d tell them to remember they do have a voice within the company and they are valued, I’d also tell them to remember to put some time aside each week to complete college work, as it can easily creep up on you!

What is next after your apprenticeship?
After my Apprenticeship completed in September, I was promoted to a full time position at Protocol so for the time being I intend on carrying on working hard and gaining more responsibility in my current role.

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