With the current skills shortage in construction and engineering, it can be very difficult for many colleges and training providers to recruit effective construction and engineering teaching staff. A listing on a job board is not enough to find the talent, and it can be an expensive endeavour advertising and re-advertising with no guarantees that you’ll find someone appointable. That’s without mentioning the time lost on reviewing CVs and screening applications.

Why use Protocol and what make us different?

We have 25 years of experience in the education sector and crucially, we have recruiters who have worked in construction and engineering themselves and understand the industry. So we know the standards, qualifications and skills required intimately and we have access to a vast network of construction and engineering industry talent who might be looking to make the switch to education.

We also have a pool of outstanding staff, already registered with us who are ready to jump in when needed. This includes hard-to-fill areas like motor vehicle, carpentry & joinery, electrical engineering & installation, and mechanical engineering. Plus don’t forget, when using Protocol, you will only pay if we find you the right person for your organisation.

We’re happy to chat!

We recognise that finding construction and engineering assessors and trainers is challenging for many colleges and training providers. That is why we’re keen to provide our support, tailored exactly to your requirements. Whether you need some temporary assistance when you’ve got expanding caseloads in a certain area or if you need someone permanently as you bring on new standards. We’re happy to assist to ensure you’re adaptable and able to reach your targets.

If you would like a confidential chat at any time about your construction and engineering objectives, get in touch. Book a call today or send us an email!