Are you in the 2020 cohort of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT’s)? Are you worried how the current circumstances will affect the start of your teaching career?

Here at Protocol, we have been chatting with various groups of NQT’s from Universities and College’s across the UK about the next steps after finishing their degree in these unprecedented circumstances.

Until the next government announcement, it is impossible to speculate on the way that the new academic year will be ran. However, it is very likely that class sizes will be dramatically reduced with staggered teaching hours and timetabled days to reduce the number of students and teachers on site.

What are your main concerns?

The general consensus is the fear that there will be no jobs available, and that degrees will be viewed as incomplete or below standard.

Whilst there have been changes in the way recruitment within education works, there is no need to panic! Over the last few weeks, we have noticed an influx of permanent roles across all subject areas within Further Education for September starts. With some subjects potentially continuing to be ran online, this opens the scope as it does not matter where you are based to be able to undertake online teaching!  If class sizes are reduced, this may create opportunities for more tutors to be taken on in order to manage this increase in the number of classes within the same subject.

Your degrees will not be viewed negatively in anyway and you hard work will not be wasted! The college’s we have spoken to have said this years cohort of NQT’s are the most resilient they have ever seen. Use this current circumstance to your advantage and think of how this will shape you as a teacher to excel you in your career.

For all NQTs and Tutors who are now looking for roles or have already found something, we’ve put together a guide to help you explore the new remote learning landscape. You can download your free Protocol Guide to Remote Delivery for free by filling out the form below:

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