Last week we brought you tips on how to prepare for your job search and set yourself up for success – catch up here if you missed it!

This week’s post focuses on helping you track down that perfect position for you – after all, finding it is half the battle.
Don’t just stick to one avenue of job hunting – there are many ways to track down your perfect role, and not all of them involve sitting at a computer
  1. Network online via LinkedIn or at local events – look for networking events specific to your field. Trawling online job boards isn’t the only way to find a job – friends, family or even past colleagues may have leads on vacancies.
  2. Join a reputable agency specialising in your field, and they will take the leg work out of job hunting by matching you with roles suited to your skills and experience. You can also find exclusive job opportunities through an agency which may not be advertised anywhere else.
  1. Check your emails early in the morning and reply straight away, which looks much more professional than replying at 1am – the process will also move much faster.
  2. Hunt for your new job 9-5, just like a regular job – many recruiters work between these hours too as do the people they are recruiting for!
  1. Create an email signature to both save you time and appear more professional when replying to emails. Keep it simple, including your name, role and telephone number – this makes it easier for recruiters to find your contact number should they need it.
  2. Learn how to use online video conferencing services such as Skype – some recruiters may want to do an online video interview with you, so make sure you are able to do so if needed.
  1. Ensure you take regular breaks – job hunting is a lot like being at work, and you need to stay focussed on the task at hand.
  2. Choose a time to finish for the day, and stick to it; don’t spend your entire evening tracking down your new role too.
  1. Stay positive – there are always setbacks and rejections when job seeking, and you should expect this from the start.
  2. Be realistic – don’t expect to land your dream job overnight, but the more work you put in, the quicker you are likely to land a position.
Part 3 coming soon..

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