Manage temporary workers

Save your organisation from the costly administrative burden of managing your temporary staff or volunteers with our fast, secure and easy-to-use system. Our people management software, ozola, means you can recruit, manage, schedule and pay temporary workers or volunteers wherever you are, whenever you want.

Manage candidates

Take control of your temporary workers the easy way: from growing and managing your worker pool, to keeping on top of the associated paperwork, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of creating and keeping a manual, up-to-date log of temporary workers.

By being able to access reports and time-saving tools, you can manage your staff more effectively, and ensure you’re making the most of their time and your resources.

Accurate payroll

Ozola enables you to keep on top of your payroll, and ensure your workers are paid correctly. As you can access the system anywhere (provided you have an internet connection), it makes it much easier to keep on top of the hours your employees are working, and manage the payroll process more efficiently.

Reduce paperwork

Ozola software automates much of the admin processes that come with managing a pool of temporary workers. That saves you time, hassle and paperwork. In fact, as everything is done online, there is no need for paper timesheets. Approvals are also done online, and regular reminders are sent, which saves the need for chasing signatures.

Candidates will also be reminded when their timesheets are due, so the whole process is streamlined. By making it easier to manage people, ozola removes the uncertainty of pool management.


Ozola’s detailed and tailorable reporting features allow quantitative reporting, through to budget management and compliance measures Рallowing you complete visibility and control.

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