Have your non-academic recruitment plans shifted in the previous few months? With an increased emphasis on creating a COVID secure environment for students and staff, has there been an update in the recruitment of security staff?

Your staffing requirements may not be the same as they would have been 12 months ago, and we recognise you could need more security staff and Covid/Site Marshals very quickly.

How Protocol can benefit your college or university?

Finding support staff to see out the remainder of the academic year can take up far too much of your time – but we have a solution to that! We can swiftly arrange a pool of qualified security staff who can also cross over and work as Covid/Site Marshals where required. This immediately available staffing can step in to continue keeping your campus safe and secure for staff and learners.

Whether you need one, two or a handful of staff members, we would be delighted to assist. We can offer you a flexible approach to manage your workforce scaling up and down with the increase and decrease in demand.

We’re happy to talk!

With the ever-evolving climate around Covid-19, recruitment this year will be more time-consuming and draining on resources. You may need outside assistance, more than any year previous, and Protocol are happy to pitch in. We can support you to acquire professional DBS certified security staff, whether that is on a short or long term basis, so you can keep your campus protected and secure.

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