Whilst perhaps more known for our roles in Further Education and Skills and Training, we are also keen to let you know about the fantastic opportunities available in Higher Education! We’re working with a significant number of universities across the UK and are regularly asked to find lecturers, job coaches and a range of other staff to join functional departments. So here’s just a few additional reasons you should consider opportunities in Higher Education with Protocol: 

Expand your options

For some institutions a Masters or PhD can be enough to lecture. This means, along with your experience in Further Education or with a Training Provider, you may already be all set to teach in a university setting! We’re proud to offer multiple avenues for you to explore in your education career. Look no further than Protocol.


Work permanently or on fixed-term and semester based-contracts. With universities all over the UK, you can be sure to find something close to home that is suited to your career goals.

A generous referral scheme 

Even if you feel better suited to colleges or training providers, you may know of colleagues or friends that would be perfect in a university setting. If someone you refer is placed into a role, both you and the person you refer will receive a £50 Amazon gift voucher! So do get in touch is someone springs to mind!

If you’re interested in an opportunity in Higher Education, please get in touch. Our fantastic HE team, based in our new Manchester office, would be very eager to talk to you. In addition, we want to hear from anyone that has worked in the apprenticeship arena either as a deliverer of learning or as an assessor. You can email our Higher Education team at highereducation@protocol.co.uk.

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