Welcome to our new series – all about why people choose to work with a recruitment agency! In these posts, we’re going to look at some of the fantastic benefits you can experience working with an agency, and how they can affect your recruitment (or your job hunt!) in a positive way. 

Specialist knowledge 

There’s a huge array of agencies out there, from huge corporations who will lend a hand with any role imaginable, to niche agencies that focus on a few key roles. Some specialise in sectors, departments, or skill levels – some agencies only recruit management staff, others only within education, some will only work with software engineers. 

How do you choose what’s right for you? And why is specialising important anyway?  

There’s a whole host of reasons specialist agencies are so successful – that’s why there’s so many of them – and the benefits extend to those working with them, too. 


Often, an agency with specialist knowledge will make the recruitment process smoother and more efficient. They have prior knowledge of sectors, qualifications, roles, and industry jargon; you won’t need to explain your needs to them in layman’s terms, and you won’t have to elaborate on sector-specific language. They’ll have an easier time interpreting roles and CVs, so you can sit back safely in the knowledge they know exactly what you need from them.

Better support

If you’re hiring, sometimes you won’t have the nuts-and-bolts knowledge of what the requirements are – what qualifications to look for, how much experience a candidate would need, if there’s any specialist skills they have to possess. Not only can a recruiter help you write an advert and job description if necessary, they’ll also provide you with a shortlist of candidates who fit your criteria – meaning you can focus on choosing the applicant who’s a best fit for your team.

Using a specialist agency only adds to these benefits. For example; if you’re looking for a web developer, but you don’t know much about web development yourself, or your knowledge is a bit out-of-date (which could be why you need to hire one – right?) then it could really benefit you to work with an agency who specialises in recruiting developers and coders. Not only will they be able to support you build your advert and job description, they’ll create you a shortlist of candidates who fit your requirements – so if you don’t know the difference between C++ and CSS, there’s no need to worry. All that’s left for you to do is figure out who’s the best fit for your team! 

These benefits don’t only apply to web developers, of course – roles in all kinds of sectors benefit from specialist knowledge, from education to healthcare and beyond.

Tailored advice

Many people choose to work with a recruitment agency to benefit from the advice they can provide – on everything from salaries, to job descriptions, to qualifications and experience. Working with a specialist agency only increases these benefits – it’s their job to know about recruitment in your industry, so they can provide even more helpful advice to make the recruitment process easier than ever.

We hope you’ll agree there’s lots of benefits to working with a specialist agency – now it’s up to you to decide how much specialist knowledge you want on your side, and choose an agency who can give the level of support that suits you!

This article is part of our Why Choose an Agency? Series – click here to check out the other posts. 

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