Finding the talent to inspire the next generation

The UK is currently facing a skills shortage in many key areas of work. In specific areas like engineering, construction and science there are too few education professionals to meet the demand of learners.

We also know there is a demand for lecturers, trainers and assessors for key digital skills like programming, data analytics, network engineering and other quickly growing professions with digital skills in general becoming a near universal requirement for employment in the UK.

How we’re tackling the skills shortage

We’re speaking to many clients who are happy to take on workers from industry without a teaching qualification who can be supported through their qualifications on the job.

We’ve taken the initiative to approach talent who might be looking to down the tools, take a step back from industry and who want to share their skills with the next generation. This is often professionals who have been teaching throughout their working career, through supporting apprentices or other work colleagues on the job.

We’re making use of our vast networks and access to the top leading job boards to actively pursue passive talent and headhunt those in industry who might be open to making the change to a career in education.

Finding talent across education, skills and training

Whatever your sector and whatever the need you might have, we can assist you in bringing on that hard-to-find talent and ensuring you are able to deliver the quality teaching to match your learner intake.

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