With our new current climate, teaching, training and lecturing remotely is fast becoming the norm and potentially will be for some time.

Remote learning can be a fantastic tool for education, allowing more flexibility and adaptability in the delivery of lessons. Many of our current workers are already making use of tools like Zoom, GoToMeeting and Join.Me to deliver sessions virtually, sharing screens and discussing projects on an one-to-one basis or with dozens of learners.

In fact, 80% of our skills and training workforce continue to work, online and remotely, amid the current climate.

Ensuring your courses continue to run

With the uncertainty surrounding the current pandemic – you may be keen to keep your courses running so that your learners can continue receiving their education and gain the qualifications. As well as helping your current staff transition to online learning you may also need additional staff to accommodate these changes in circumstances. You may also have been already in the middle of a recruitment campaign, which now just needs a slight change in parameters.

Recruitment across all roles

Whatever roles you need and whatever, courses or standards you need delivering for we can assist. Through our active candidate database, our access to the leading sector job boards and are vast networks, we are continually talking to education professionals who are actively looking for remote working opportunities.