When recruiting for a role, your first port of call might naturally be an education professional. However, at Protocol we find that our clients are increasingly asking us to extend the search to industry, especially for the harder to fill positions.

Our business has forged strong industry links that we continually call upon and we often see many additional and exclusive benefits that industry professionals can bring to the table when making the move into education. We have listed some of the top benefits below:

  1. Find hidden talent

A lot of the best talent may still be working in industry, looking to put down the tools, but completely unaware that a career in education is open to them. Many passionate individuals are looking to pass on the skills to the next generation but wouldn’t know where to begin to gain the appropriate qualification – this is often the reason why they come to Protocol for guidance and advice.

  1. Bring in frontline experience

Bringing in up-to-date, valuable industry experience and knowledge is a huge advantage for any lecturer and will be very beneficial for learners. Industry professionals will have the latest on the job experience of implementing the learning in real world settings and this should translate to an unparalleled experience for learners.

  1. Fresh ideas

Industry brings a fresh injection of talent and ideas. If you often find your bank of teaching talent running dry it’s a great option to turn to industry. You might find they bring along a new approach that can inspire learners and help them reach new heights.

  1. Alternative perspective

Industry talent may bring in a new perspective to the way the curriculum is taught – and frequently have suggestions to improve the learner experience resulting in a stronger pool of future industry employees.

It might be easier than you think

No one wants to be pigeon-holed and many people are looking to explore new avenues and opportunities in their career. We can help you open the door to new talent who might otherwise have been unreachable but who are very open to exploring careers in teaching even just on a temporary or part-time basis alongside their industry work.

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