Do you ever find yourself approaching some roles with a sense of despair – its in a hard to fill area, there’s fierce competition in the sector and location, or you simply don’t have the resource or sufficient reach to find the person you need?

You might need a helping hand, some extra fire-power to find that hidden talent. Here’s exactly why Protocol can help:

Networks and experience

We have been providing services to education for 27 years and building up a bank of experience that is matched by very few! Some of our teams have more than 50 years of experience between them!

With this experience comes a vast network of contacts, candidates, clients, suppliers, advertisers and more.  Our webs cover a vast area allowing us to uncover hidden talents you might not have ever otherwise come across.


Sometimes the right person is out there, but they might not have time to actively job search meaning YOU have to find THEM. With our connections we are able to reach out to candidates from competitors in your local area or candidates from industry who might not have even considered making the switch to education.


In these modern times, with the unique way media is consumed, we know that not everyone is going to be reached by one job advert in a big cover-all job board like Indeed or Monster. We have access to dozens of sector specialist job boards, connections within traditional print and digital media (because some people are still reached in a newspaper!) and social media following across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Want to expand your reach on a campaign and see what great talent you can find? Or maybe you just want to discuss options? Let’s chat!


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